Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 10 months Ezra!

Hard to believe, my first baby boy is now 10 months old!
He is the cutest, sweetest, calmest little guy.
I think having five big sisters is shaping him to be quiet most of the time, and just a little loud if he really needs something.

Since his birth, we moved to Florida and then back to Colorado and then to our current home.  He has handled it all in stride, and kept on nursing like a champ. He currently has just his two bottom teeth and can sit up.  Following in Piper's footsteps, Ezra does not appear too interested in crawling or walking.  He likes to play with sippy cups more than bottles.  He is an outdoors-man and is still happiest near mommy whether in or out.  He has had a handful of cookies/crackers/ yogurt puffs and fresh fruit- but continues to rather nurse at least every 3 hours.

I love looking at him and imagining the man he may become or trying to figure what he will look like as he grows.  My favorite moments with him are when he is very tired after nursing, I walk him around holding him up near my shoulder so he can burp.  He will stay so still and cuddle so close, it melts my heart. I feel badly that I am usually the one to stop the embrace when I have to lay him down because the other children need something.

I pray he continues in good health, and for God to grow him in His image to love and serve Him in all things.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beautiful! Skincare and Giveaway

Today I bring you a review of Beautiful Skincare from Trusted Health Products. Make sure to scroll to bottom for giveaway details...

Beginning with an unimportant but fun detail, they label bottles with your name- so simple but encouraging!

I was so excited to do this review, I was offered it way back when I was still pregnant with my baby boy who is almost 10 months old- I was so busy I never got around to accepting, but I was always thinking about it.

Those of you that know me, know that I love things that are healthier rather than highly processed toxic chemicals. Very important when placing on our largest organ-our skin.

 So the number one thing I love most about Beautiful is: Beautiful uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist, beautiful glowing skin.


  • 100% pure and natural botanical oils – live cold pressed solution.
  • NO preservatives, parabens, GMOs, synthetic chemicals or additives of any kind
  • Feeds your skin cells the nutrients they crave
  • Beautiful, healthy, young-looking skin
  • Great for all skin types – oily or dry
  • Includes A. M. Moisturizer and P. M. Revitalizer
  • 100% Pure “All-in-One” Skincare: replace your moisturizer, cleanser, toner, firming gel, protectant, repair cream, blemish controller, age-defying serum

In all honesty, I have loved using Beautiful.  I started on June 7th and today is July 22nd, my bottles are still 3/4 full.  Admittedly I moved in the middle of that time and skipped a few days here and there because I am forgetful, I don't use many beauty products so routines are sometimes hard to establish. So my results are not as dramatic as they probably could be.  I do love the silky softness and way my face feels and I have noticed more light reflection/glow.  I also really like the sweet citrus smell.  I do think I will continue to only use this for skincare and the occasional coconut oils for moisture. My husband is a lover of health products and is getting ready to try the version for men- simply called The Man

I tried to get my pictures all around the same time of day and light source and similar pose, gee that is harder than I thought. None of these are edited, but day 1 and 35 are taken with the same camera, and day 9 and 25 are taken with a different camera.  On day 9, you can see I did have a blemish break out, which they warn about and said is completely normal as your body brings some bad stuff to  the surface.

I really encourage you to read all about the ingredients of this great product and how nourishing it is to your skin and give it a try.  

Now the GIVEAWAY-   3 winners will each get 1 bottle of  Beautiful AM moisturizer Completely FREE

A. M. Ingredients: 100% Pure Botanical oils of almond, orange, lemon, avocado and olive.

 The giveaway is available for U.S., Canada, England and Australia only! Please list our Eligibility Requirement: You – or anyone in your household - may win one bottle of Beautiful one time only. Previous winners please do not apply.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 “The manufacturer is willing to offer all my readers one FREE bottle. They said they would love to have our readers try out Beautiful A.M. Moisturizer (for women) or You’re the Man A.M. Moisturizer (for men) and agreed to send one bottle FREE if our readers would pay a minimal shipping and handling charge. This is a one-time only offer!  They also agreed to include 2 eye-opening reports – The Poisons You Put On Your Face Everyday and Why Your Skin Care Products Have Never Worked: The Truth Revealed .”  That’s a total value of over $40.00. Click here to get your FREE Bottle and FREE reports now!”

Monday, May 26, 2014

K5 Review

Sadly, my 6 week free trial time has come to an end.  I have loved using K5learning with our girls, and they have loved it too- well as much as they can love school-time. 

My favorite detail about K5 is the tracking and reports it provides for the student, teacher, and/or parent(s). I was excited to see where they started, how they got better and how they compared to average "grade levels"

 Although we made a cross country move half way through our 6 week trial time and were not "on-line" as much as I would have liked, I feel my kids really benefited from the lessons and I plan on continuing to utilize K5 and plan on purchasing for this next school-year.

I found K5 to be a great fit for my kids, who have loved other computer education programs like abcmouse and

How it Works
Kids complete an online assessment of 8 key reading and math skills, and then work
independently at their own pace through over 3,000 online lessons and activities. The lessons
are animated, interactive and simple enough that a 4-5 year old can use them independently. We
automatically choose lessons for students (based on their assessment and past lessons), track
student progress and provide reports for parents.

Benefits for Kids
K5 helps kids learn essential reading and math skills, develop good study habits, and fulfill their
academic potential.

Benefits for Parents
K5 makes life easier for parents by allowing for effective, independent study by kids. Simplified
interfaces, automatic lesson selection, student tracking and reporting all contribute to minimize
the amount of daily supervision required.

K5 Learning is designed as a practical tool for busy families who take education seriously. In 
comparison to other educational websites, K5 has the following attributes: 
 clear emphasis on curricula based education, not games / entertainment 
 online assessment for placement of kids at appropriate skill levels 
 kids work independently and at their own pace 
 minimized time requirements for parents (simple interfaces, automatic lesson selection, 
student tracking and reporting) 
The K5 program includes: 
 an initial online assessment of each child’s math and reading skills, 
 award-winning, curricula based reading and math content, 
 over 3,000 online multimedia activities, personalized for each child based on his or her 
 a highly structured environment which allows the student to proceed through the lessons 
in a logical fashion at his own pace, 
 ease of use which allows even 4 or 5 year olds to work independently, 
 attention to child safety with no external links, advertisements, chat or similar, 
 comprehensive reporting to parents, 
 24/7 availability and no downloads 

Features for Parents 
 Reporting – Parents can access comprehensive 
reporting online including progress reports, quiz 
results, spelling words learned and the progress made 
on each math fact. 
 Assignments – Parents can choose from any of our K5 
Reading and K5 Math lessons and assign them at any 
time to their child. Parents can also assign particular 
spelling words to be studied. 
Program Costs 
K5 is available on a subscription basis for $25/month or $199/year with substantial discounts for 
siblings. Each subscription includes a free math and reading assessment and unlimited use of 
each of K5’s four programs, K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Spelling and K5 Math Facts. A 14 day 

Be sure to go to the website if you want to know more

Friday, May 2, 2014

We made it!

Safely back to Colorado.

We are loving being back in our comfort zone of culture.

The drive back was a pleasant as peaches and cream. Seriously the kids are so adaptable and good, they amaze me frequently.  I find praising them is better than dwelling on minor issues of contentment.  

Driving weather was swell, til the final day- 50mph winds, a small tornado, and a blizzard of snow and ice.

We are happily staying with family members while we search for housing and tie up loose ends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cross country move again...

Well as the pattern of my life goes... we are moving again..







Seriously, next week at this time, Golden Movers will be back with that huge truck/trailer loading all our personal items. And we will load up our six little children for a noisy adventure (27 hours of driving) back to "our earthly homeland."
Prayers for the journey please...
we will be driving two vehicles this time, so only one driver per vehicle

We have greatly enjoyed our time in Florida, even the creepy crawly creatures.  However the majority of our family still resides in Colorado and we love and miss them terribly, and the mountains too.  God provided a job opportunity for Levi and we figured now was as good of time as any. So toot toot off we go.

I have been off facebook now for more than two weeks, and I do miss keeping up with friends and their photos. I need every ounce of time I can get to pack this house and raise these blessings... next blog will be from COLORADO.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Starting a new review

Hey everyone,
I am getting started on some new parts of our home school this month, one of which I am super excited to try-

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.

I am currently on a break from Facebook, and hoping to possibly structure our days a bit more and so I am excited to see how some of the girls like this reading and math program.  I will write a full review at the end of my 6 week trial and maybe a couple updates along the way. 
Check it out and let me know if you have used this before or what you think about it.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The 24th

Today is the 24th of Februrary.  I have failed miserably at my blogging everyday this month challenge, but I have blogged more than ever before- so still winning in my book.

And more importantly, two of my sweet children and my dear hubby were born on the 24ths of three different months.Anybody have any unique patterns in their family, like all in one month or something? tell me about it.  I have been glad to not have children in the same month as of yet, and I love that a celebration is always just around the corner, rather than a massive busy month but I could see the potential fun in that as well.  So today my two youngest kids are 5 months and 27 months. This is also my biggest gap between births- kids that are the farthest age apart.

Here they are, sweet prince Ezra and sweet 'P' Piper Jubilee

The first pic is full of uncertainty and attitude

                                 then they pull out the smiles together......

One more of just the big 5 month old